doing good things 

virtuGrp’s purpose is simple – to harness the power of people and technology to do good things for our customers, society and planet. Our goal is to improve our lives and the way we live and work by actively collaborating and leveraging a collective expertise of highly skilled ICT professionals to apply powerful technology to do new things and to operate more efficiently in the digital world.

Trust drives our ways of working.

global experts

virtuGrp brings together master-grade competence of senior level solution architects, consultants, and projects managers, coming from the biggest telecommunication and ICT companies. We attract and recruit the best people in the industry.

The only brand that matters to virtuGrp is each person and their teams.

our network

outcome driven

The virtuGrp way of working enables us to constantly adapt and adjust in a fast and effective way, helping our customers to manage risk and/or leverage on opportunities that occur in a disruptive and complex business environment.

Our decisions are value and outcome based which creates long term partnerships with our clients.

our ways of working

profit for good

Our profits are used as investment to do good things for our communities and societies. It enables us to do things that normally wouldn't have a strong commercial return but are none the less the right things to do. The decisions on which projects we fund and execute aren't based on traditional business cases but rather consider ethical, humanitarian and societal benefits and outcomes.